Star Star Star Star Star
Terrific and professional!

Stuart Cheese is a special kind of A&R Rep. He is without a doubt the most sensitive and astute advocate for artists and genuinely cares about artists and composers work and the effort that goes into production. His critiques are given with a keen ear while maintaining a sensitive approach to the frustrations often involved with rejection. I have yet to be chosen, but not due to quality on my part or the lack thereof. Rather Mr. Cheese is interested in finding the right ‘home’ for pieces and offers great feedback to improve your chances. He is a consummate pro with whom I always look forward to working. I strongly suggest that you pitch your material to One night Stand Music and Stuart Cheese; you will be a better artist for it! best, Robert

by Robert Scott Stanton

Star Star Star Star Star


Stuart Cheese of one night stand l believe gives the best advise to an artist and for song submitted. Stuart is honest in his review and l would recommend One Night Stand highly to any artist looking for a review xo


 Star Star Star Star Star

Very helpful!

Thanks again, Stuart, for your words of encouragement! We will keep working hard until we get it right!!!

by Ivories & Ink

 Star Star Star Star Star

Thank you

Professional, very friendly contact. Thank you for the consideration and taking the time to listen. My best wishes Phenteus

by Phenteus

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you, Stuart.

I really appreciate the sincere words of encouragement and comments on my submissions. I appreciate that very much. Thank you for your time and consideration. All my best to you, Stuart.

by Marilyn

Star Star Star Star Star
Very Professional MIP

Dear Mr Cheese, I really appreciated you take the time to listen my song Thank you so much for your kingly response. Take Care

Jn M

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you! 🙂

Great experience! Stuart gave me a detailed and encouraging feedback just a few days after sending him my music video. Thanks a lot! I will submit again.

by Anna

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you Stuart!

I really appreciate the kind feedback of three of my pieces submitted for a new film. Unfortunately not chosen but I really appreciate the positive kind words and the fact that you took valuable time to write rather large paragraphs for each submission. This tells me that you care about your relationship with artists regardless of a placement. Thanks again!

by PaulDenis

Star Star Star Star Star
The real deal

Best and most detailed response from an MIP that is truly passionate about music. His no’s are almost as good as a yes!

by Chance Gardner

Star Star Star Star
Encouraging feedback

As always, Stuart and his crew are quick with their reviews. Though we weren’t chosen for this opportunity we appreciate the kind, encouraging comments and ratings!

by Rick Hammond

Star Star Star Star Star

I was once lucky enough to have a chat with Peter Frampton. The takeaway for me was; “In this business be nice to everyone, especially the nice people.” Stuart is one of those! Helpful detailed feedback! Thanks Sir.

by Christian Masters

Star Star Star Star Star

Very useful feedback

Stuart has given me clear and to-the-point feedback that enables me to know where I stand with my song, which is extremely helpful. Thank you Stuart!

by Eric Aubrey Rippingale

Star Star Star Star Star
Great guy

Always responds, always treats you with respect and he always gives great advice.

by DJ Michael Angello

Star Star Star Star Star
What a nice polite guy!

Thank you Stuart for your prompt and well explained feed back.

by Eva L

Star Star Star Star Star
An excellent experience!

Stuart is so professional! I can tell how much he loves his work. He takes time and gives you excellent feedback. One of my better experiences here at music X-ray. Cheers to you Stuart!

by Jimmy D

Star Star Star Star Star
I’m a fan!

Stuart is encouraging, respectful and timely in his responses. He makes me feel good about my songs.

by alice olsen

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you!

Stuart gave me fantastic feedback about my song, and really made me feel like I am on the right track with my music. He did not have to write such an extensive reply, but he took to time to let me know in detail where I stood and I truly appreciate that.

by Kiirstin Marilyn

Star Star Star Star Star
Example of a good MIP

Stuart gave me feedback which reflects that he listened to my song and went through consideration process. He took time to write back to me with a thoughtful explanation. Thank you.

by Mark Paul

Star Star Star Star Star
Encouraging Feedback

Every time I submit to Stuart he gives me great feedback and let’s me know why I wasn’t selected instead of the oh so common “Not quite what we’re seeking…”. Thanks Stuart!

by SuperProRandy

Star Star Star Star Star
Stuart is the very Best!

I can’t write enough Good, Positive things about Stuart….He is truly a wonderful Gentleman! He always imparts a grand feeling of hopefulness in his responses and he offers very constructive advice! I am his biggest Fan!

by Louis Schulte

Star Star Star Star Star

Stuart puts a smile on my face and inspiration in my heart. Very encouraging. He keeps me plugging away and makes me want to strive for excellence.

by Sylvia Saenz

Star Star Star Star Star
Always a pleasure

It’s always a pleasure working with Stuart because he gives prompt, sincere feedback. He’s one of the few MIPs I’ve experienced who goes the extra mile, not delivering a “canned” feedback response, but offering thought-out comments that are always productive and constructive.

by John Tracy

Star Star Star Star Star
Doesn’t get any better

There are so many great things to say about Stuart – professional, insightful, supportive, knowledgeable, prompt, courteous…the list can go on forever. To sum him up I would simply say he’s a gentleman in every sense of the word. Sending to him is an honor and a pleasure – every interaction restores your faith and reminds you about the great reasons we all do this.

by Jesse

Star Star Star Star Star
Encouraging reply

I’d like to thank Mr. Cheese for his kind words of encouragement. Even though my song was not selected, the response that I received was inspiring and informative and I would recommend submitting tracks that fit the criteria to this company. Thanks, Chris

by Chris

Star Star Star Star Star
Very Professional

Stuart clearly listened carefully to the song I submitted and made comments that were right on point. It’s encouraging to know there are industry professionals out there who truly care about artist development and song structure. Stuart is one of them.

by Jim Miller

Star Star Star Star Star
Quick and honest reply

I really appreciated the quick response and honest nature of Stuarts reply. He clearly listened to my submission and gave it some thought, ok he said no but hey it was an encouraging and lengthy response – top man.

by Crooksy

Star Star Star Star Star
Prompt and positive responses

We submitted several songs for Stuart’s appraisal and he was very prompt in his responses. We have been very encouraged by his assessment of our work, especially since this is a very new partnership. Can’t thank you enough, Stuart!

by Ivories & Ink

Star Star Star Star Star
Timely Response & Great Feedback

I’ve submitted a couple times to ONS and the feedback has been thorough and invaluable. I would definitely recommend submitting to them. Make sure your music is top notch!

by Clintmusic

Star Star Star Star Star
Great Person

Great at remembering producer and artist’s from their talent and creativity. Hope to work with Stuart and the future.

by Dez Pro

Star Star Star Star Star
Positve feedback and encouragement.

Thanks Stuart, you care about us too. All the very best.

by Keith Hall

Star Star Star Star Star
great experience

Stuart-regarding “I Was No Good”-thank you so much for your encouraging remarks and i very much understand where you’re coming from-best wishes to you.

by Jack Housen

Star Star Star Star Star
Great fast feedback

Thanks Stuart for taking the time to listen to my song and for giving such great and thoughtful feedback. Very encouraging.

by Christina Meyer

Star Star Star Star Star
Good reflective feedback

Thank you Stuart for your feedback on my song.You gave an honest view and I appreciate it.Most helpful.

by Martin Williams

Star Star Star Star Star
Fast reply Professional

Thank you Stuart for your quotes on my song.

by Keith Blankenship

Star Star Star Star Star
Professional and Always Encouraging

I am a frequent X-ray user and I have submitted to a few of Stuart’s opportunities over the past year. It is worth it just to get the personalized feedback. Stuart is always professional, encouraging and, best of all, honest and constructive with his feedback and advice. I have had some songs selected for short lists, and others passed by. But one thing I know I can always count on is a kind and encouraging response, and a prompt follow up. So, in addition to clearly knowing the industry and providing some really great opportunities, Stuart has a heart of gold. He never forgets that there is a person behind the music. I believe there is something to gain every time you submit, even if your song is not selected. Thank you so much, Stuart!

by Carolyn

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you Stuart for your wonderful feedback, I greatly appreciate it!

by Jon A

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you!

Thanks Stuart, for your positive, and great constructive comments, and prompt responses, you are truly appreciated!

by Steel

Star Star Star Star Star
Encouraging, Professional Feedback!

Stuart is a bonafide Music Industry Pro. He communicated with me like I was a real person, and not simply a faceless submission entry; and despite not selecting my track, which he did like, he proceeded to elaborate why it didn’t make the final cut. Long story short, I came away with the encouraging feeling that my production was on an upward trajectory, and that with persistence and careful targeting, I would gain more traction and eventually nail some serious opportunities. Thank you Sir!

by Jr. Gandhi

Star Star Star Star Star
Prompt and constructive response

I recommend submitting to any of Stuart’s dropboxes. The response to my submission was prompt, generous and encouraging.

by Dean Baltesson

Star Star Star Star Star
Thank You! – Amazing!

I Just Want To thank Stuart For Your Prompt And Amazing Response!….I Am On Cloud 9 At The Moment. I really Can’t Thank you Enough, A True Professional In Every Way, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! Highly Recommended.

by Hyp3rsonic

Star Star Star Star Star
Very good, prompt feedback

I appreciated that Stuart clearly listened to my music, and commented encouragingly. His feedback was prompt as well, also helpful.

by DesertRed

Star Star Star Star Star
prompt and positive reply 🙂

Thanks Stuart for your encouraging comments about my song Face of An Angel, it means a lot since I have no musical training or experience and am just starting out..:-)

by Rania L

Star Star Star Star Star
Best twenty bucks I ever spent

I submitted to the opp for him to spend an hour to listen to my music and view my sites and provide step by step instructions on what to do next based on my needs. GREAT communication and his advice was invaluable to me. I now have a firm idea of what to do next to advance my career. Highly recommended

by Kevin Mongelli

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