Seeking Music for Multiple Major Movie Scenes – Over $14k worth of Movie placements – Tracks required URGENTLY

One Night Stand has been asked to shortlist tracks for one of the biggest Music Supervisors in the US.

Thousand of dollars are available, plus your chance to have your music not only placed, but heard by a giant in the placement / soundtrack industry.

This opp falls in to two sections…
When submitting, please (ideally) tell us if you are submitting a general track or a scene specific track and if so which scene. You can do this in the “Include a brief message with this submission” section.

1 – General (all genre tracks)
Blow us away with your very best tracks in any genre and if they are good enough, we will consider them for the film!

 2 – Scene Specific Tracks

Send us your tracks for any (or all) of the following scenes:

Old Photos Montage Song / Scene
– Kate looks through old photos as this nostalgic song plays from her CD boom box
– Ref: “I Loves You, Porgy” – Nina Simone
– Ballad, beautiful, lush, nostalgic/reminiscent, catalog track, nothing contemporary past 80s.
– Budget is $3k all-in

Camera Montage Song #1 / Scene
– Song plays from Kate’s CD boom box as she repeatedly dresses up and poses for her camera on automatic shutter. The song fades into a blur over time.
– Ref: “Dear Prudence” – Siouxie and the Banshees
– This tune is crucial. Must be fun and light with driving movement in the rhythm, but have that air of “slightly off” like Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” Medium to medium fast tempo. Female vocal.
– Budget is $3k all-in

Camera Montage Song #2 / Scene
– Song fades in as the last cue fades out. Kate is seeing through the lens, and then gets ready to leave as she takes a swig from the bottle in her apartment.
– Ref: “The Ubiquitous Mister Lovegrove” – Dead Can Dance
– We need something world or exotic. It needs to feel otherworldly, but still relate to the lead character’s introspective judgments and dark thoughts/realizations. That could mean world music instrumentation, but still in 4/4 time or in a western key. 80s vibe is a cool bet here, I’d even go with something like Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.”
– Budget is $3k all-in

Bar Scene #1
– Kate and Benoit talk at a candlelit bar outside as this song plays from a low-quality boom box in the background
– Ref: “I Love You” – Johnny and the Heartbreakers
– A punk track would be great, something with grit. Can’t be too distorted and loud because of conversation, but I’m open to hearing anything that would fit The Ramones to The Strokes.
– Budget is $1k all-in

Bar Scene #2
– Later, Kate and Benoit continue to talk at a candlelit bar outside as this song plays from a low-quality boom box in the background. The connection gets more intimate (non-explicit).
– We need a song to play under this dialogue at the bar. It’s quiet conversation, and this tempo should be med-slow to slow. A calmer grunge or indie rock vibe.
– Budget is $1k all-in

Photos After Dark / Scene
– After an earlier paranoid moment and daydream Kate is a bit shaken up as she takes photos of the pictures hanging on her wall in her candlelit apartment. The song plays from her CD boom box until it dies midway.
– Ref: “Blue (Bird Shake Remix – Iha Mix)” – A Perfect Circle
– Song should have an eerie/otherworldly quality to it (here it’s in the processed vocal mix in the chorus). Lyric should be dark, psychological, introspective, sheltered/lonesome.
– Budget is $3k all-in

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