Hollywood production company offering $4,000 to $6,000 per track – ALL Genres wanted.

OPP NOW CLOSED – We are currently looking for tracks of all genres with payments ranging from $4,000 to $6,000 per track and as usual we are taking a limited number of tracks directly via ONS (10 in total) and these tracks are guaranteed to be hear by the MS of the movie. So he will make the final decision on your music.

A major Hollywood production company has given us a strong brief for what they need…

When the female half of ex college sweethearts is relocating from NYC to LA to get married (to someone else), she calls on her ex to give her a ride right across the country. It quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot of history here and the relationship is far from over. The big question is will they or won’t they and as a result will she make it to the wedding?

With comedy moments, poignant scenes, drama & romance and lots of tracks playing on the radio in the car, they require a very wide range of music including (but not limited to) …

Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip Hop / Rap, Blues, Jazz, Easy listening, Romantic Ballads, Metal, New Age / World, R&B, Country, Industrial, EDM and Soundtrack. Tracks with or without vocals will be taken too as well as partials / cues.

Average payments will be $5000 (with actual payments ranging from $4,000 to $6,000) per track / partial use of each track included in the film.

One Night Stand music will always listen to every second of every track submit – we have massive respect for artists and the work you put in to your music! If you believe a track is special – we want to hear it.

Opp will close here after we have 10 tracks submitted – Don’t miss out on a major payment and a huge PR boost to your career.

Artist or Band Name:
Track Title:
Link to Track (Dropbox, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, YouTube etc) - Preferred Method Please or Email track to info@onenightstand.tv
Any other information about you and / or your submission.
I understand and agree to pay (via PayPal) a $20 submission fee to have my track considered for this opp.**
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