Heavy Rock Shows Its Heart Once Again

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Heavy Rock Shows Its Heart Once Again

Swedish Rockers uniquely give new music away in return for good deeds.


Varberg, Sweden – Heavy Metal is once again showing it is a music genre with a heart of gold. We Are The Catalyst being a perfect case in point. The four piece alternative / heavy rock outfit have decided that they will forgo profits for their new single and instead make way for social good.
The band’s stunning new release is a much heavier version of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ and is only available in exchange for people taking the time to do something for someone else, no matter how big or small the gesture is.

We Are The Catalyst – ‘Someone Like You’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjjBbNMrY4I

Kenny Boufadene said “We are asking people to just take a moment out of their day and do something for someone else. It doesn’t have to be anything massive, It’s really just about showing someone that you care. If you then post your good deed on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #MusicForGood we will in turn send you a copy of the new single completely free”.

Lead singer Cat Fey added “When Kenny suggested that we would do a cover of Adeles’ ‘Someone Like You’ I said yes immediately! She is a great singer and I love her songs, so I really liked the idea of an Adele / WATC mix! And as always when we do something we want it to have a deeper meaning, so therefore we thought it would be a great idea to encourage our fans to do ‘good deeds’ in order to get the song when we released it! And I really think it’s a win-win, you DO something good and then you GET something good in return! In this case you get a great ‘WATC style’ rock cover of an outstanding Adele song!”
We Are The Catalyst as a band are very much known for doing social good, which as many people inside the Rock / Metal genre know is something that happens in this form of music more often than people outside it realise.
To get your copy of “Someone Like You” completely FREE, please just do any size of good deed and let the band know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #MusicForGood

We Are The Catalyst are:

Cat Fey (vocals)
Kenny Boufadene (guitar / vocals)
Håkan Strind (drums)
Joni Kaartinen (bass)

In only a few years, Swedens Alternative Metal band We Are The Catalyst has managed to stir up quite the buzz.
Case in point being that in 2017 the band got the attention and signed with the industry giants in Perfection Management in California, formed by Phil Quartararo (former CEO of Warner Music Group and EMI as well as Co-founder of Virgin) Grammy winning producer Bob Cutarella, and Chris Carlucci (ex-Universal).
The management also co-manage Linkin Park and are retained consultants for U2, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, The Coronas, Paula Abdul and others.
They did their second show EVER on tour in China, followed by touring the UK and playing several festivals in 2015.
In the last couple of years, We Are The Catalyst songs on streaming services like Spotify, Deezer etc. has been listened to over 3 million times with no label backing involved.
They have Jerry Springer in the beginning of their music video for the cover “Don’t You Worry Child” presenting the song and talking to the viewer about the band.
But let´s take it from the start.
Swedens We Are The Catalyst was formed in November of 2012 with the intent goal of being a light in the dark for those who need it the most.
The members Cat Fey , Kenny Boufadene, Joni Kaartinen and Håkan Strind spent years touring with their former band, the Modern Metal act One Without (sharing bills with Dead By April, Evergrey, Katatonia and more, as well as releasing albums on Lifeforce Records and other labels) and have channeled their skills and passion into We Are The Catalyst.
The name “We Are The Catalyst” is meant as encouragement to overcome and challenge the darker parts of ourselves and others, to invite the listeners to keep fighting in a rough and dark world, and try to encourage them to be their best self, even when it might seem hopeless.
They have been described as many things, among others Alternative Metal, Emotional Rock, Metalcore, Electronic Rock, Pop Metal, Dark Rock, etc, all blended into a unique mix with a strong modern feel.
In March of 2015, We Are The Catalyst embarked on a 10 day tour of China, doing their second show ever being specially invited to perform at the prestigious “Sound of the Xity” music expo in Beijing, as well as playing stand-alone shows and Chinas biggest music festival “Strawberry Festival” in Shanghai, where WATC headlined the “Planet Stage”.
In June of 2015 WATC won first prize in a competition organized by Metal Hammer, Bloodstock and the Dutch Symphonic Metal band Delain, where the prize was to perform at Bloodstock Open Air, with bands like Trivium, Sabaton, Within Temptation and more, as well as opening for Delain at their Birmingham show on their UK tour. This coincided with WATC doing their first UK headline tour of 13 shows in October/November.
In December of 2015 WATC returned to the UK for the third time that year, now headlining the second stage at the festival “Planet Rockstock” with bands like The Darkness, FM and Rival Sons.
The band’s debut EP from 2013, Panem Et Circenses, was a critical and fan favorite, earning the band spots on several major soundtracks and video airplay in over 20 countries. Considering their pedigree, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.
The debut album, Monuments released in October of 2014, topped everything expected from WATC. Released worldwide by Ferocity Records, it hit harder, it soared higher, and it cut just a little bit deeper. Case in point was their single for “Don’t You Worry Child,” a blunt assessment of the heartbreaking truths surrounding child abuse in the world and the steps that we can all take to help end this terrible affliction. At the start of the music video for the single none other than talk-show legend Jerry Springer is addressing the viewer with a request to help raise funds, as all profits from the single go to The Fostering Network and helping children in need find loving homes.
With their album “Elevation”, released on September 2nd of 2016, the band took their sound to a new level. Darker, heavier and more emotional while still maintaining the WATC trademark melodic modern sound.
UK rock & metal promoter Matt Seddon said of WATC and the album “Elevation”:
“We Are The Catalyst are a shining light in the rock and metal world right now. It´s rare to find a band who can hook you and captivate you as well as this band do. By combining soaring vocal lines and catchy melodies, We Are The Catalyst have set the benchmark for modern metal bands – providing an intense and awe inspiring listening experience that will have you begging for more. Their new album Elevation is going to take the world by force!”
Now the band has spent the last couple of years recording and polishing their upcoming third album, and with the backing of Perfection Management they are ready for a global audience.


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