Your music in a movie produced by an Oscar Winning Hollywood Actress – $5,500 any genre – GSS

3 Months ago we were contacted by the agent of an Oscar winning Actress with her own production company who was looking for music for her upcoming feature film and now, your music could literally be the star of this movie….here’s why….

The movie is to be based around the turmoil faced by an up and coming artist / band on the road and that’s why at this stage it is open to any genre as YOUR music could well steer the direction of the film as a whole.

As well as the main featured tracks, the movie will also need a huge array of other genres for incidental music, so all we are asking is please send your very very best work.

Any genre, with vocals or instrumentals. cues and partials will also be very welcome.

There will also be a soundtrack released and again given the nature of the project, we will be able to consider multiple tracks from the same artist / bands, however for the GSS Submission, we can only accept a maximum of 2 tracks from the same artist!

Money aside ($5,500 per track). The PR on this one is going to be huge. You will get to have your music associated with an actual Oscar winning Hollywood Actress! The movie is also already signed for international distribution.

Do not miss out on this one. This has to be one of the best opps we have ever run.

Expires : Monday the 11th of July 2016.

Stuart for One Night Stand Music

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